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Dental hygiene

Don't wait until it's too late…

Proper dental hygiene is the basis for the health not only of the teeth, but also of the entire oral cavity. It allows you to completely prevent tooth decay and other diseases. We always adapt the treatment to the individual needs of the patient so that the result is maximally effective.


Why is dental hygiene needed?

The optimal combination of professional dental hygiene performed by a dental hygienist and home cleaning makes it possible to completely prevent the development of tooth decay and other diseases, such as periodontitis (periodontitis), which can lead to tooth loss at a very young age. Regular dental hygiene avoids many difficulties and discomforts and also saves your time in  In the case of caries, they spent treatment and cure.

Dental hygiene makes it possible to prevent the development of dental caries and other diseases of the oral cavity, the treatment of which can be demanding and expensive.

Clean teeth look better. Thanks to the removal of pigmentation, the teeth can be several shades lighter after dental hygiene.

Advantages of dental hygiene:

How is the visit to dental hygiene?

First, the dental hygienist performs a short examination, during which she evaluates the condition of the teeth and gums and the success of the current dental hygiene.

Subsequently, it removes tartar (hard deposits on the surface of the teeth) using a professional ultrasonic device.


This is followed by the so - called Air Flow (sandblasting), in which the flow of water and air with  small particles of special powder removes all plaque (soft coating on the teeth) and pigmentation (colored stains).


They are also in  if necessary, polish unevenness on the teeth, which could cause increased plaque deposition. Finally, the tooth surface is treated with fluoride gel, which strengthens tooth enamel.

After such dental hygiene, your teeth are perfectly clean. TO  In order to keep them clean, the dental hygienist will make an individual recommendation for you  home dental care and explain everything in detail and point to the model. It also sets an appropriate inspection interval, usually every six months.



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