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We use a top implant system and v  In combination with a modern 3D X-ray, we will choose the most suitable implant just for you.

An implant is the best way to replace a missing tooth. Firstly, because it is better if each tooth has its own pillar, and also because the implant can also replace teeth for which there is no other possibility of replacement.


We use a modern 3D X-ray, which in  combined with a sophisticated computer program allows you to precisely choose the right type of implant and its location in  bones.

We use a top implant system from  AlphaBio Tec mold workshop.

Implants provide a fully functional, fixed, long-term and aesthetic replacement for missing teeth and can also be used to treat situations where other treatments are not technically possible.

Advantages of implantation:

When is implantology needed?

Implantology is a field that deals with the replacement of missing teeth. More specifically, it replaces the missing tooth root with an artificial pillar that is introduced in  bones, and on which a crown or bridge can be placed.

IN  At present, implants are preferred immediately from  for several reasons. The most important thing for the patient is the higher comfort that the implant can provide compared to  other variants of missing teeth replacements.


Further in  if an implant is used, there is no need to grind adjacent teeth to fit the bridge. It is also better if each tooth has its own pillar, because this is not the case  tooth overload.

How does implantation work?

Prior to implantation, a targeted consultation is performed, during which the implantologist suggests to the patient the most appropriate treatment procedure. IN  As part of this consultation, a 3D X-ray image is taken, which allows you to virtually insert the implant and select the best position for insertion and the right type of implant.

Subsequently, the implantation itself is performed, when a titanium screw is inserted into the bone. At our clinic, we mainly use the implant system from  Alpha-Bio Tec., which was founded in 1988 and developed the first original spiral implant on the market.

Next, the implant is allowed to heal. This process takes about 4-5 months. After healing, everything is ready for  to place a crown on the implant and the patient to obtain a fully functional, comfortable long-term and aesthetic tooth replacement.

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