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Pediatric dentistry

Give your children healthy teeth.

TO  We approach children's patients sensitively to ensure maximum comfort for them.   Regular visits to the dentist will help pediatric patients get rid of the fear of  treatment and will also completely prevent the development of tooth decay. The first visit to the dentist is recommended immediately after cutting the first tooth.


Don't believe myths

It is definitely not true that baby teeth do not need to be treated, because they fall out anyway.  

Milk teeth are very similar to permanent teeth and need the same and sometimes more care and v  In case of caries or other illness, of course, they need treatment.

Conversely, if baby teeth are left without proper care and treatment, it can cause this  very serious problems or damage to permanent teeth.

Therefore, do not take unnecessary risks and go to your children for regular preventive examinations so that all possible problems are detected and resolved in time.


Early check-ups at the dentist can ensure your child's life is completely free of tooth decay.

Advantages of pediatric dentistry:


What is the correct procedure?

Baby dental health care should begin before birth. IN  During pregnancy, the expectant mother should consult a dentist. IN  As part of this consultation, the dentist will explain everything you need to know about children's teeth and will recommend the best practices and care to keep your child's teeth healthy and not spoiling at all.

Together with  it is therefore appropriate to verify the presence of caries in  through the parents and other persons who will be with  baby after birth in  contact. Tooth decay is an infectious disease, and therefore the less a child will be in  contact with  people with tooth decay, the more likely their teeth are to remain healthy. It is also recommended to check with a dental hygienist.

Already with  the child's first visit to the dentist is recommended immediately after cutting the first tooth. IN  During this examination, the child gets acquainted with the dental office and the doctor, which will contribute to  to keep the baby in  she was not afraid of dentists in the future. At the same time, the dentist will again recommend to the parents appropriate care for their child's teeth so that they remain completely healthy.


After this first examination, it is advisable for the child to visit the dentist at least once every six months. This is the only way to ensure that all problems are detected in time and can be cured easily, so that the treatment is as unburdening for the child as possible.

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