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By treating the root canals, it is possible to save a tooth with  already irreversibly damaged marrow.

We offer treatment of root canals with modern machine systems and materials that allow you to perform treatment with  high success and maintain tooth function.

IN  The treatment of a miniature and invisible system of root canals to the naked eye is also helped by the operating microscope.

Endodontics Stomatology Salius

When do I need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is required when  irreversible damage to the dental pulp (dental nerve). Such a condition manifests itself in most cases of severe toothache, but there are also known cases in which this does not happen and the death of the marrow is not detected until a check-up by a dentist or after an X-ray has been taken. I z  for this reason, regular preventive examinations are recommended.
Endodontics Stomatology Salius

Early treatment of root canals allows the tooth to remain fully functional for a long time. Owning a tooth is always the best, so it pays to keep them in  mouth as long as possible.

This prevents complications in  form of inflammation in  bones under the tooth, swelling and soreness.

Channel treatment with  Using an operating microscope allows you to solve even complicated situations with  great success.

Advantages of root canal treatment:

How does root canal treatment work?

IN  If the pulp is already irreversibly damaged, it is desirable to start treatment of the root canals as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration of the condition and possible complications that can lead to tooth loss.

The root canals need to be carefully cleaned to get rid of any infection. TO  For this we use modern and high quality tools which are made of  titanium alloys, and highly effective disinfectants. After it is in  the first visit to the root canal thus cleaned, followed by the application of a special medicinal insert that should in  root canal act for 10-14 days. Subsequently, in  on the second visit, this liner is removed and the root canal is hermetically filled with a definitive filling that guarantees the long-term effect of the treatment.  


Due to  Due to the fact that the root canal system is very miniature, complex and invisible to the naked eye, we use an operating microscope of the well-known Carl Zeiss brand in the treatment of root canals. WITH  with its help we can treat the canals really precisely. Another helper in the treatment is a 3D X-ray, which can be used for better orientation in  when the root canal system is very complicated.


The standard is, of course, painless performance provided by the use of anesthetics.


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