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Dental surgery

No need to worry!

We do dental surgery gently and use modern tools, materials and medicines to support healing. All this allows you to minimize discomfort and shorten the healing time as much as possible.

Of course, there is absolute painless performance, which is ensured by the application of anesthesia.


How does the extraction work?

The first step in any dental surgery is always effective anesthesia, which ensures painlessness in  during the whole treatment. TO  Anesthetics are already available to provide painless anesthesia.


Subsequently, the dentist performs the extraction itself, always proceeding very gently, so that the resulting defect is as small as possible and heals as quickly as possible. This is also helped by the sutured edges of the wound after extraction.

In order for healing to be as fast as possible and the occurrence of unpleasant feelings after extraction to be minimal, there are also special medicinal products that support healing, which we apply at our workplace.

When is dental surgery needed?

Dental surgery focuses on surgery on the teeth and other tissues of the oral cavity.

The most common procedure is tooth extraction. The need for extraction may arise from  for several reasons. It is most often performed on teeth that are damaged by decay to such an extent that they can no longer be repaired in any way.

Furthermore, wisdom teeth (eights) are often extracted, which are usually removed because they make it difficult or grow in the wrong direction. In wisdom teeth we also often encounter  surgical extraction - extraction of a tooth that is the covering of the gums or bones.

Dental surgery also includes implantology, the aim of which is to replace a missing tooth.


Painless performance is ensured by effective anesthetics.

Fast healing and a minimum of difficulties and discomfort due to  gentle extraction procedures and applications of medicinal products that promote healing.

Advantages of dental surgery:



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