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IN  within prosthetic dentistry we make aesthetic ceramic veneers, ceramic fillings, crowns and bridges.

We use modern and highly aesthetic materials, the choice of which we make with  with respect to each patient so as to ensure the best result.


Laboratory-made work is very accurate thanks to modern computer technologies.

Modern ceramic materials based on zirconium and lithium disilicate provide an excellent combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Prosthetic treatment allows you to preserve even severely damaged teeth and keep them functional for a long time.

Aesthetic veneers will help to correct the inappropriate shape or color of the front teeth and give you a radiant smile.

Advantages of prosthetic treatment:


What is prosthetics?

Prosthetics deals with the making of aesthetic veneers, fillings, overlays (crowns that do not extend to the neck of the tooth), crowns and bridges. As a material, it mainly uses modern ceramics based on zirconium or lithium disilicate. These are materials that provide excellent function and aesthetics. 

Crown, bridge, bevel… what is needed right now?

IN  At present, the construction of large - scale bridges is already being abandoned, as such treatment with  entails the need to grind the healthy dental tissues of neighboring teeth, and missing teeth are better addressed with implants. However, prosthetics still has its irreplaceable function and deals with the manufacture of crowns for implants.

In addition, crowns and overlays are made (crowns that do not extend to the neck of the tooth). They are mostly needed in  in the case of teeth that are very severely damaged by decay after treatment of the root canals. They add strength to such teeth and enable their longevity and functionality. The advantage of overlay over the crown is greater preservation of healthy dental tissues.

Aesthetic ceramic veneers are also often made. It is a ceramic plate that is applied to the front teeth to correct their inappropriate shape or color. It is an aesthetic procedure that can literally transform your smile.

How does prosthetic treatment work?

First of all, a temporary (temporary) replacement is prepared so that the patient has the functionality and aesthetics of the treated teeth maintained throughout the treatment.

Subsequently, the treated tooth is ground and an impression is made, or the ground tooth is scanned using a special scanner. The fingerprint or data from the scanner is sent to the laboratory, where a virtual or physical model of the teeth is created and the dental technician models a future prosthetic product on it. In most cases, the modeling takes place virtually using a computer program.

Then all that remains is to make a crown, overalls or a facet. Usually, a computer-controlled robot will take on this task, which will ensure maximum accuracy of the work performed in this way.

The finished work is then returned to the surgery, where the dentist performs its sealing (fixing) on the prepared tooth.

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