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Caries treatment

The sooner we start with  treatment

tooth decay, the better.

This will prevent pain and other difficulties. With the help of modern technologies, we will detect the defect in time and remove it gently. Top materials then allow us to finish the tooth aesthetically so that the result is almost the same as a natural tooth.


How do I know I have tooth decay?

Don't wait for your teeth to start to ache. The best way to avoid the development of dental caries and possibly its complications are regular preventive examinations at the dentist and regular check-ups on dental hygiene.
It is especially necessary to visit the dentist if your teeth become sensitive to cold, heat, sour, sweet or salty, if you feel an unpleasant odor from  mouth or trapping food or dental floss between teeth.

How is caries treated?

The most important thing is to detect the defect in time.

IN  in this respect, a mere glance at the patient's mouth is not enough, because this way we do not have to see hidden caries. To make sure that we do not miss any defect, it is necessary to take special X-rays. It is recommended to repeat these images about once a year.


Furthermore, everything depends on the degree of development of the caries. If the incipient caries can only be caught, it can be cured even without drilling. IN  in this case, tooth enamel fluoride remineralization is performed.

IN  where the defect is in  more advanced stage, it is already necessary to use the drill. IN  In this case, our dentist will remove all damaged and infected tissues, and then use a specific indicator to check that no infected tissues remain on the tooth to prevent  repeated development of caries.

Subsequently, the damaged tissues are replaced by a filling.  TO  We use modern aesthetic materials for the completion, which together with the skills of our dentists allow the result to be almost the same as a natural tooth.

Of course, the durability of such treatment and painless performance, which is ensured by the use of anesthetics.


The sooner tooth decay is detected, the less the tooth is damaged and the more gentle the treatment.

On the contrary in  In the case of neglected tooth decay, there is a risk of complications that can lead to  in the worst cases even to the loss of a tooth.

Advantages of dental caries treatment:



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